The Idea — How It All Began

Vojta Šplinar
2 min readSep 22, 2015


The idea of change was born in the fall 2013. During the time when I lived in Plzeň, the beer capital city of Czech Republic. Plzeň became my home for nearly 5 years after I moved from my hometown Karlovy Vary — beautiful spa city on the west of CZ, but difficult to find a job and almost no cultural activities.

Karlovy Vary / Plzeň * Czech Republic

In 2013 we started with my friends attending and creating Couchsurfing meetings in Plzeň. It can be really motivating experience when you have a passion for traveling or meeting other cultures. Even if you just want to get better in language skills — go for such a meetings! There is quite wide range of them as for example Couchsurfing, Meetup, InterNations, Erasmus, Language Exchange. Thanks to these meetings I improved my English and it also supported my passion for traveling and pushed me even more to realize my plan.

Our first CS meeting in Plzeň — 2013

The idea was supposed to be just a longer trip, to see something else, meet people, learn new cultures, experience. It took me few months to save money, to sell things which I didn’t need anymore, and buy some equipment for the trip — backpack, new camera, hiking shoes, sleeping bag, and other stuff.
The more I was getting to the final point, enthusiasm grew as well and I started to talk about my great plans with my friends and family. At this point was really funny reaction from their side that it’s just a rant, empty talking in the air and that I’m the last one who would do this (quite close to reality :)..but it was even more encouraging!

On the beginning of 2014 I quit my job, apartment, packed and left for the journey.

The first big questions I had to deal with was:

How to travel as economically as possible?

Which destinations?

How to meet locals?

How get the best adventure?

The answer was — Couchsurfing and Hitchhiking!

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