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Writing this article in May with the fact in mind that the festival took place in March (better late than never..at least they say haha)

Since I live in Ireland I’ve been of course interested in attending to world known St.Patrick’s FestivalParade. …

Today we went for a Photofest in Dublin which was happening in nice spaces of Crown Plaza Hotel.

The time of the event was from 10:00 to 17:00. Few people were quite sleepy in the morning but nothing what couldn’t fix a cup of coffee.
Around were couple of stands of local Irish brands, but not only (Canon, Fujifilm, ManFrotto, Nikon, …) and there were 2 main seminars from UK Olympus photographer Damian McGillicuddy about fashion portraiture photography.

Second presentation with topic ‘Drones in Ireland’ given by Ian Mac Mahon an aerial photographer for over thirty years and Ian Kiely.

Dublin Castle, Ireland

After more than half a year in amazing Krakow in Poland it came time to move on. With my girlfriend Edyta we decided to move to Dublin in Ireland. Preparations for leaving were managed quite easily, flight was booked at the beginning of November.

It was 3.11.2015 — We had…

Video and photos from my journey around Europe by hitchhike in 2014. During which I travelled 17 000km mainly by hitchhiking, visited 11 European countries and from the beginning till the end when I stopped in Paris, France it took me 6 months!

Visited countries:

Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Monaco

Originally published at www.splinar.cz on October 1, 2015.

(Czech Republic — Slovakia — Austria — Germany)

As I promised in the previous post, here is the article, detaily following the way how Couchsurfing and Hitchhiking can work in real life, with times, expenses and all the stuff around. Low cost traveling in all its best!

Note: Article is…

Of course it’s really hard to travel completely without money. But there are ways how to travel very cheap, it can give you freedom of moving where ever you decide.

I’ve chosen Couchsurfing as a way how to meet people, get to know their culture, experiences, travel stories and I…

Vojta Šplinar

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